As Thanksgiving Day approaches

I love a blank greeting card. When I launched Design With Heart, I wanted to create a line of greeting cards that helped START a conversation between people, without trying to BE the conversation. We’ve tried hard to stick to this philosophy in all of our designs. Even our greeting cards that have prose written inside of them are judicious in their word choice.

Still, in addition to heartfelt words, I often look for short poems, inspirational quotes or Bible verses to handwrite inside the greeting cards I send to close friends and family. The following short poem is resonating with me as the Thanksgiving season draws near:

As Thanksgiving Day approaches,
Our blessings we recall;
The things we are most thankful for,
We recollect them all.
You are truly special,
In all you say and do.
You’ve made a difference in our lives;
We’re thankful now for you.

There’s no better time than Thanksgiving to tell the special people in your life how you feel, and Design With Heart cards are just the way to do it – straight from the heart!

Here’s a link to the Design With Heart Thanksgiving Collection: Click here.

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