Begin Again. And Again.

My friend, life-coach and best-selling author, Sharon Pope wrote a compelling essay worth reading and pondering during these first days of the new year. We are so delighted she found her inspiration for these encouraging words from a Design With Heart greeting card. Wishing you a Happy 2020!
– – –


Maybe this year wasn’t what you had expected and didn’t exactly go as planned.

Begin again.
Maybe this past year brought you more heartbreak and pain that you thought was possible.

Begin again.

Maybe this year was amazing and filled with joyful surprises and beautiful adventures.

You are also being called to begin again.

The new year provides us the opportunity to reflect back on what has been, but more importantly it also provides us each the opportunity to look forward into what we want our lives to be and become.

Each year…

Each day within this new year…

We will have the opportunity to begin again.

To choose how we view the circumstances of our lives…

To be intentional about how we’re showing-up in our most important relationships…

To drop the conditions we’ve unconsciously placed upon our love and adoration.

We have the opportunity to express our needs and preferences, while still allowing everyone else to do as they prefer.

To take up space…

To give ourselves permission to do what needs to be said or done.

We have the opportunity to see through new eyes…

To see people as they really are…

And rather than trying to get them to be who we need or want them to be, we can see and accept them right there – just as they are.

We have the opportunity to release the illusion of control.

Realizing we cannot walk this journey for anyone else and walking our own path in this life…on any given day…is quite enough.

We can choose to loosen the tight grasp we’ve clung to and hold our troubles a bit more lightly…seeing what wants to happen.

We also have the ever-important and abiding opportunity to tell ourselves the truth.

To call ourselves out on our own BS and to have our own backs…

Knowing that it is the nature of life and human beings to evolve, and as such our relationships will also evolve… always drifting either closer together or further apart.

With each new year

And each new day within that new year

We can all begin again.

Doing a little better, growing a little more, reaching for more of what brings us most fully alive.

Our best is truly yet to come.

Wishing you many blessings in the coming year.

Much love and light –

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