but first, wine.

“Every time you go dry for January, a bartender dies.”

20 years ago, a doctor acquaintance of mine told me he stopped drinking during the month of January. I think he was ahead of his time in what has become a popular trend. Dry January. For the past 20+ years, I have gone dry for January (admittedly, with a fair amount of belly-aching on my part.)

A few years back, suffering through the drear days of the first month of the year with sparkling water in a white wine glass, I ran into my doctor acquaintance. He was drinking water out of a martini glass. (I thought perhaps he was taking it a bit far – a bit affected – but who am I to judge?) I grabbed his arm to commiserate and rib him that we would soon be enjoying a glass of Cabernet on the first of February. Imagine my surprise when he told me he had no recollection our conversation 20 years back. (So much for the the benefits of mental clarity!) He said he tried Dry January back twenty years ago, but only stuck to it for a few days. (A FEW DAYS!!!) So, for twenty years, I had been following his lead – but was really my own one-man prohibition movement!

So, as the first of February approaches, I raise a glass and toast to all of you – dry or not dry. Cheers! Who wants to join me for Sober October?!


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