Creative Collaboration Celebrating Modern Love


Our official press release is below. But between friends, I’ve been blessed to work with photographer Janine Menlove for many years. Decades, in fact. She is a brilliant creative person and a dear friend. We recently teamed up again to create a series of important art pieces celebrating marriage equality and the power of LOVE. Many of our collaborative pieces will be debuted tomorrow at the National Stationery Show in NYC. For information regarding these pieces, please reach out to me or Janine Menlove at
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BlocksWorks, an 18thStreetArt project, and Design with Heart have teamed up to create the Modern Love series of Blocks. Each wood block is enveloped in the striking designs of Jason Bradley-Krauss of Design with Heart and handcrafted by Janine Menlove of 18thStreetArt. We are very excited to share our creativity to promote Modern Love and Equality.