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The other day, I was sitting in my studio working, thinking a lot of the difficult days that lie ahead with Chris entering hospice care and his eventual departure. Suddenly, a beautiful red cardinal appeared and landed in full view in the tree right outside my window.

The belief that cardinals are messengers from someone who has passed exists across many cultures and beliefs. After long talks with my friends Janet and Kurt who lost their daughter to cancer a number of years back, I believe in the significance of seeing a cardinal. If you believe as we do, that the cardinal is a winged messenger, then the next time you see one who is insisting on getting your attention, ask yourself what or who were you thinking about at that moment. Maybe you were feeling down and lonely. Perhaps the day marked a special occasion, or maybe you just needed to feel someone’s presence. Listen for the loud and clear cardinal call – like it is saying “cheer, cheer.”

Like my friends Janet and Kurt, when a cardinal suddenly appears, I get such a feeling of peace; a connection I cannot explain. It is comforting to me believing that I have just received a visit or message from someone who wants me to know they are close by.

Today, I wanted to share this new greeting card I designed this year for Christmas – and a poem that sums up my “cardinal” experience.

I saw a Cardinal in my tree,

The bright red color so beautiful to see.

Thoughts of loved ones brought a smile to my face,

As I watched it flitter about with grace.

Visitors from Heaven they are said to be,

I feel blessed that you came to visit me.

– – –

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