Design With Heart – hello, love!

The National Stationery Show is fast approaching. We hope you’re gearing up to be inspired … to discover lines that are exciting, fresh and different … to bring back true gems your customers will treasure to more fully express who they are and what’s in their hearts.

We hope you’ll be looking for love. Because, if you are, you’ll love our debut at the National Stationery Show May 17-20 in New York City.

We’re Design with Heart – a smart, progressive, inclusive new greeting card and gift-wrap design studio dedicated to love. In fact, we believe love is a universal truth we all have in common. All of us. No matter who we are, who we love or what the occasion.

At our very heart, we believe a simple but powerful premise: love is love. We also believe a few other things that infuse our product line: marriage equality will be the law of the land; the American family comes in all shapes, sizes and colors: and inclusion is for everyone.

On your National Stationery Show search for love, we invite you to stop by our booth (NSS 1564) to checkout our 160 greeting cards (many with a nod toward marriage equality) and our beautiful gift-wrap designs.