Holiday Gift Tags by Design With Heart

I will confess I can be a little obsessive about wrapping gifts. Beautiful paper. Gross grain ribbon. Clean corners. I know none of this is a shock to any of you. There is a part of wrapping a special gift that has in the past kind of worked my nerves – gift tags.

I grew up in a house where my mother painstakingly cut gift tags out of the previous year’s Christmas cards. As kids, we would use the hole punch and help with stringing chord to help complete the tags for my mother. (A mother of 8 children, I might add.) These tags were saved after each use and reused, year after year.”SAVE THE TAG!” was blurted out as each gift recipient started opening their present. Later, we started using folded gift wrap,  and stickers, but you know, the look is just not the same.

Design With Heart is proud to share a sampling of the gift tags we have designed. Many of the designs match with our Holiday cards and all coordinate with our gift wrap.  Our tags are packaged in sets of 8. I think I’ll send a set over to my mother.
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