It’s your decision

When we look to the future, it’s only natural to hope for a “better tomorrow”. We speak in terms of where we see ourselves in one, five or ten years. We make plans. We set goals.

But how many of us can really say that they are working towards this better future? Is this something that is truly attainable? If so, how exactly do we plan to get there?

Folks often say they will pursue their dreams and goals “one day”. What exactly do we mean? When is this day we are talking about going to come?

So which one is it? After all, it’s your decision.

There’s a great difference between saying that you will eventually come around and finish a task – one that will lead you closer to your goal – and actually doing it.

It is this act that is the main difference between ONE DAY – meaning you are delaying your goals and dreams – and DAY ONE, indicating you are already working on something.

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