Out of nothing, something

Out of nothing, something.

I will be honest. When Donna Baker and I first started working on the concept of this card, I couldn’t get the Air Supply power ballad “Making Love Out of Nothing at All” out of my head. And you know I love me some Bonnie Tyler. (I’m sorry I mentioned it – I’m sure the song will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.) Even after spending a good deal of time getting the design of this card just right, the single message that resonated with me was one of finding, creating and nurturing love. When I give this card to my husband, that is the intent I will wish to convey. I might even belt out a few bars for him.

I recently read a blog post by the talented Yann Girard on Thought Pills and now believe I may have overlooked some bigger life truths in my quest to squeeze the expression “Out of nothing, something” into a heart. I loved the following blog post and I hope it challenges and inspires you, too.

What’s more important than…







And fulfillment?


And everything…

The only thing that’s important is that you don’t let anybody else tell you what’s important to you.

That all you do is to focus on what’s important to you.

Whatever that might be.

That you live it and breathe it with all of your heart.

To give it all you got.

As much and as often as you can.

No matter what everybody else says.

No matter what everybody else expects you to do.

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