staying connected

One of my favorite things growing up was getting a handwritten card or letter from my grandmother. There was usually a $5 bill tucked inside, along with a newsy note. My own mother is the master of maintaining connections by sending cards and letters. I admire her practice of the long-lost art of card sending.

Sometimes it seems like it would be so much easier to just shoot your friends and family an email, or post a status update on their Facebook page when their birthday rolls around. How impersonal have we actually become, people? Amiright?

In a world that has gone digital and grown increasingly disconnected, it is always a surprise and a pleasure to get a sweet handwritten note. Especially on your birthday. Especially from a friend or someone you love. There’s nothing quite like making someone smile with a card and 47 cent stamp. Snail mail is a beautiful way to connect, express yourself, and let someone else know you’re thinking of them.

Who would you like to stay connected to? We’ve got an array of beautiful cards to get the conversation started.

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