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  • It’s your decision

    When we look to the future, it’s only natural to hope for a “better tomorrow”. We speak in terms of where we see ourselves in one, five or ten years. We make plans. We set goals. But how many of us can really say that they are working towards this better future? Is this something that is truly […]

  • In the spirit of VALENTINE’S DAY 

    In the spirit of VALENTINE’S DAY Johnny Cash penned this beautiful love note to his wife and musical partner June Carter Cash on her 65th birthday in 1994. It was recently named the greatest love letter of all time in a poll conducted by the British life insurance company Beagle Street. You can read his […]

  • Share the gift of Encouragement!

    Let’s face it. 2020 was a harsh punch to the gut for so many of us. It’s been a hard year – and it is going to take time and courage to push forward in 2021. Some of our favorite Design With Heart cards are the ones that’s aren’t about birthdays, anniversaries or holidays. They are just […]

  • The True Spirit of Christmas is LOVE!

    Who is getting excited for Christmas? WE ARE! We have been thrilled to share Design With Heart’s Holiday Collection with you this season. And while visions of sugar plums are dancing, we are busy making plans for 2021! Share the LOVE! For businesses looking to place a wholesale order, please visit our award-winning website at Design With […]

  • Christmas 2020

    I’ve resisted the temptation to turn on the Christmas music in the studio – but I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. I love everything Christmas. One of the true pleasures for me in creating the Design With Heart product line are the Christmas Cards. I love designing them. I loved producing them. […]

  • Award-Winning Hanukkah Designs

    Hanukkah 2020 will begin in the evening of Thursday, December 10. Share the festival of lights with friends and family near and far with award-winning Hanukkah cards and paper  goods from Design With Heart. We invite you to order Design With Heart products right from our website or visit one of the over 250 stores now carrying Design With […]

  • Hey Boo!

      Fall is just around the corner – Create a little magic! The Design With Heart Halloween Collection is available now for retail and wholesale orders. Love our Hey Boo greeting card? Find it right here! We invite you to order Design With Heart products right from our website or visit one of the over 250 stores now carrying Design With […]

  • One Day or Day One? You Decide.

    One Day or Day one. You Decide. This is a new design for us. I’ve had this message scrawled on a post-it note on my computer for the last six months. I kind of love it – but it wasn’t until I noodled around with the typography that the message fully came to life for […]

  • Keep Going!

    KEEP GOING! I listened to a webcast delivered by my friend Tom this morning. I’ve been guilty of hoping things will “just return to normal” given the state of the world… politics… pandemic… social injustice… Tom shared a powerful quote that gave me reason to pause – “We will not go back to normal. Normal […]

  • Music-inspired Greeting Card – Plays well with others

    Music Greeting Cards by Design With Heart Music Teacher? Music Major? Music Lover? We are excited to share our latest “music-inspired” greeting card with you. Design With Heart is now working with over 250 retailers across the country, including The Chicago Symphony Store, The Boston Symphony Orchestra, The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra Store, The Juilliard […]

  • Living for LOVE!

    Wouldn’t the world be so much better if we lived our lives in such a way where our thoughts, words and actions were guided by LOVE. Specifically, if we are about to say or do something, we take note if the words or actions are coming from a place of LOVE or not. If they […]

  • Send a Virtual Hug!

    During this difficult time, it is so important to stay connected to family and friends. Send a virtual HUG! Let those you love and care about know you are thinking of them. We will get through this – together! To purchase our Virtual Hug greeting card, click here. — We invite you to order Design With […]

  • Send an Easter smile!

    Celebrate Easter with hope, love and a bit of laughter with the people that matter most. Our Happy Easter cards are printed on premium paper and include a shimmered silver envelope. Our cards come sleeved in acetate. And let’s face it – this one is pretty darn cute! To purchase our Happy Easter greeting card, click […]

  • Hemingway Quote

    I’ve always loved this quote from Ernest Hemingway. Now, as a widower, I’m on a journey – learning new ways to carry love forward. The truth in life is, we all suffer. All of us. Some people never recover from their struggles to find peace. Some never have the opportunity to recover – some choose […]

  • but first, wine.

    “Every time you go dry for January, a bartender dies.” 20 years ago, a doctor acquaintance of mine told me he stopped drinking during the month of January. I think he was ahead of his time in what has become a popular trend. Dry January. For the past 20+ years, I have gone dry for […]

  • Valentine’s Day by Design With Heart Studio

    Design With Heart is excited to share our Valentine’s Day 2020 Collection with you! Sure a kiss is sweet, but our paper goods are (dare we say) sweeter! Brand new designs – greeting cards, boxed card sets, and wrapping papers. Love, Love, Love! – – – For a list of over 250 retailers and places […]

  • Will you be my emergency contact?

    Will you be my emergency contact? When you’re dating, the question is a sign that you’ve made it to the “this-is-really-serious” category. When you’re friends, it’s a sign that you’re truly beloved or truly responsible. At Design With Heart, we think our “will you be my emergency contact?” card makes a flirty and charming Valentine’s […]

  • Snowtime Snowmen

    Share the most wonderful time of the year with cherished friends and family. Design With Heart’s exclusive “Snowtime Snowmen” greeting cards are available as individual cards or as boxed card sets of 8. — We invite you to order Design With Heart products right from our website or visit one of the over 250 stores now carrying Design With […]