Journal Entries tagged - friendship

  • We designed this greeting card hoping that it might be a form of connection – a gentle encouragement – to let someone know you stand with them, that they are understood and are cared for and loved. Encouragement is a gift – SHARE IT! Know someone who could benefit from an encouragement boost? Purchase our […]

  • Fall is finally here – and we couldn’t be more excited. Create a little magic! The Design With Heart Halloween Collection is available now for retail and wholesale orders. Love our Hey Boo greeting card? Find it right here! We invite you to order Design With Heart products right from our website or visit one of the over 700 stores […]

  • Share the gift of Encouragement!

    Let’s face it. 2020 was a harsh punch to the gut for so many of us. It’s been a hard year – and it is going to take time and courage to push forward in 2021. Some of our favorite Design With Heart cards are the ones that’s aren’t about birthdays, anniversaries or holidays. They are just […]

  • Keep Going!

    KEEP GOING! I listened to a webcast delivered by my friend Tom this morning. I’ve been guilty of hoping things will “just return to normal” given the state of the world… politics… pandemic… social injustice… Tom shared a powerful quote that gave me reason to pause – “We will not go back to normal. Normal […]

  • Music-inspired Greeting Card – Plays well with others

    Music Greeting Cards by Design With Heart Music Teacher? Music Major? Music Lover? We are excited to share our latest “music-inspired” greeting card with you. Design With Heart is now working with over 250 retailers across the country, including The Chicago Symphony Store, The Boston Symphony Orchestra, The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra Store, The Juilliard […]

  • Will you be my emergency contact?

    Will you be my emergency contact? When you’re dating, the question is a sign that you’ve made it to the “this-is-really-serious” category. When you’re friends, it’s a sign that you’re truly beloved or truly responsible. At Design With Heart, we think our “will you be my emergency contact?” card makes a flirty and charming Valentine’s […]

  • Begin Again. And Again.

    My friend, life-coach and best-selling author, Sharon Pope wrote a compelling essay worth reading and pondering during these first days of the new year. We are so delighted she found her inspiration for these encouraging words from a Design With Heart greeting card. Wishing you a Happy 2020! – – – BEGIN AGAIN Maybe this […]

  • Smile!