Journal Entries tagged - Modern love

  • Let Love Lead

    Let Love Lead. At Design With Heart, we believe love is the greatest gift we’ve been given. We also believe love is the greatest gift we can share. Love challenges. Love triumphs. Love connects. Love overcomes. Love finds us in countless moments of pure happiness, deep relaxation and utter delight. Love is the one gift […]

  • In the spirit of VALENTINE’S DAY 

    In the spirit of VALENTINE’S DAY Johnny Cash penned this beautiful love note to his wife and musical partner June Carter Cash on her 65th birthday in 1994. It was recently named the greatest love letter of all time in a poll conducted by the British life insurance company Beagle Street. You can read his […]

  • Living for LOVE!

    Wouldn’t the world be so much better if we lived our lives in such a way where our thoughts, words and actions were guided by LOVE. Specifically, if we are about to say or do something, we take note if the words or actions are coming from a place of LOVE or not. If they […]

  • Send a Virtual Hug!

    During this difficult time, it is so important to stay connected to family and friends. Send a virtual HUG! Let those you love and care about know you are thinking of them. We will get through this – together! To purchase our Virtual Hug greeting card, click here. — We invite you to order Design With […]

  • Kind Heart. Fierce Mind. Brave Spirit.

    A greeting card to send to those who need a bit of encouragement and clarity today. (Can I send myself this card?)

  • Valentine’s Day by Design With Heart Studio

    Design With Heart is excited to share our Valentine’s Day 2020 Collection with you! Sure a kiss is sweet, but our paper goods are (dare we say) sweeter! Brand new designs – greeting cards, boxed card sets, and wrapping papers. Love, Love, Love! – – – For a list of over 250 retailers and places […]

  • Will you be my emergency contact?

    Will you be my emergency contact? When you’re dating, the question is a sign that you’ve made it to the “this-is-really-serious” category. When you’re friends, it’s a sign that you’re truly beloved or truly responsible. At Design With Heart, we think our “will you be my emergency contact?” card makes a flirty and charming Valentine’s […]

  • “Begin again.”

    At some point in time, all of us will face seemingly insurmountable challenges in life. Lost jobs. Failed marriages. Health issues. I often don’t quite know what to say – maybe because I have faced many of the same challenges in my own life. “Keep your chin up!” “Things will get better!” “Hang in there!” […]

  • Celebrate Diversity!

    It’s an honor for Design With Heart to share a card that is both encouraging and also celebrates diversity and difference. Your support of an LGBT person can make a real difference in way they see themselves and the way they see the world. We invite you to take a look at our full product […]

  • Valentine Conversation Hearts Card

    Chalk Full of LOVE! We hope you enjoy Design With Heart’s brand new Conversation Hearts Valentine’s Day card. Available as an individual card or a boxed set of 8. Want to know more about the evolution of conversation heart candies? Click here. – – – For a list of over 225 retailers and places where […]

  • Brand New Catalog

    Design With Heart is pleased to introduce wholesale Catalog No. 5 In a world that can sometimes seem topsy-turvy and turned upside-down, we are so pleased to be putting out a positive vibe and sharing LOVE. We think your customers will LOVE it, too. Check out our new catalog online – filled with over 75 brand […]

  • Love is Love – Inclusive Cards by Design With Heart

    We’ve got PRIDE, yes we do! We’ve got PRIDE, how about you? At Design With Heart, we think modern love is all about inclusion. It’s about marriage equality. It’s about respecting the idea that families come in all shapes, sizes and colors. It’s about living an authentic life. It’s about believing in the power of LOVE. […]

  • Out of nothing, something

    Out of nothing, something. I will be honest. When Donna Baker and I first started working on the concept of this card, I couldn’t get the Air Supply power ballad “Making Love Out of Nothing at All” out of my head. And you know I love me some Bonnie Tyler. (I’m sorry I mentioned it […]

  • Summer Wedding Greeting Card

    Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After – what a beautiful way to express your best wishes to a happily engaged or happily married couple. Our card is printed on premium paper with silver ink – includes a shimmered silver envelope, packaged in acetate. Order Design With Heart products right from our website or visit one of the over […]

  • Love is Love.

    “When all Americans are treated as equal, no matter who they are or whom they love, we are ALL more free.”–Barack Obama Since Design With Heart was established in 2015, a lot has changed. Yet the simple but powerful premise that inspired Design With Heart hasn’t. We still believe that LOVE IS LOVE, no matter […]

  • Celebrate Love!

    Celebrate Love with a Design With Heart Greeting Card With 7,530,103,737 people on this earth, you’ve found the one that touches your heart. Celebrate it! Our Bullseye Greeting Card is printed on premium paper with silver ink, and also includes a shimmered red envelope. Perfect for Weddings, Anniversaries, or just to say “I love you.” […]

  • Modern Love

    Modern Love “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.” – David Bowie At Design With Heart, we believe love is the greatest gift we’ve been given. We also believe love is the greatest gift we can share. Love challenges. Love triumphs. Love connects. Love overcomes. Love finds […]

  • LGBTQ Greeting Cards

    Design With Heart is proud to celebrate a simple but powerful premise: LOVE IS LOVE! We invite you to take a look at our full product line of inclusive products. For a list of over 150 retailers and places where you can purchase Design With Heart products, visit Or, if you wish to place a retail or wholesale order, just visit our website […]