Congrats to the Grad

I vividly remember learning to write in cursive. We would practice each letter of the alphabet, one by one, on lined paper with a No. 2 pencil. Line after line. Little arrows showed the strokes needed to make each letter. The thrill of a Q. The curvature of the S. The hairpin twists of the letter G. I loved handwriting class. Good penmanship is a lost art – but beautiful.

They don’t teach cursive writing in school like they used to. I know it shouldn’t bother me. My children know how to print their letters and can type at breakneck speeds. Still, I can’t seem to loose the feeling that writing in cursive – and the ability to decipher cursive writing – is of universal value. Future generations will look back on our cursive letter-forms and struggle to understand what we were communicating – like we are scribbling in some ancient form of hieroglyphics. Maybe it is more important what is said than how it is said. But for me, I’ll stick to my downstrokes and curlicues.

Our Congrats to the Grad greeting card pays tribute to the fading art of penmanship. Hail to the class of 2018! And long-live cursive!

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