Journal Entries tagged - Encouragement

  • It’s your decision

    When we look to the future, it’s only natural to hope for a “better tomorrow”. We speak in terms of where we see ourselves in one, five or ten years. We make plans. We set goals. But how many of us can really say that they are working towards this better future? Is this something that is truly […]

  • Share the gift of Encouragement!

    Let’s face it. 2020 was a harsh punch to the gut for so many of us. It’s been a hard year – and it is going to take time and courage to push forward in 2021. Some of our favorite Design With Heart cards are the ones that’s aren’t about birthdays, anniversaries or holidays. They are just […]

  • One Day or Day One? You Decide.

    One Day or Day one. You Decide. This is a new design for us. I’ve had this message scrawled on a post-it note on my computer for the last six months. I kind of love it – but it wasn’t until I noodled around with the typography that the message fully came to life for […]

  • Keep Going!

    KEEP GOING! I listened to a webcast delivered by my friend Tom this morning. I’ve been guilty of hoping things will “just return to normal” given the state of the world… politics… pandemic… social injustice… Tom shared a powerful quote that gave me reason to pause – “We will not go back to normal. Normal […]

  • You Did it!

    Congratulations Greeting Card Know someone who has gone the extra mile to achieve a goal? Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda be damned! You’ll find lots of uses for our versatile Congratulations greeting card. Keep a few on hand to let ’em know you are proud of their accomplishment. Order Design With Heart products right from our website or visit one of […]

  • Send a Virtual Hug!

    During this difficult time, it is so important to stay connected to family and friends. Send a virtual HUG! Let those you love and care about know you are thinking of them. We will get through this – together! To purchase our Virtual Hug greeting card, click here. — We invite you to order Design With […]

  • Kind Heart. Fierce Mind. Brave Spirit.

    A greeting card to send to those who need a bit of encouragement and clarity today. (Can I send myself this card?)

  • Hemingway Quote

    I’ve always loved this quote from Ernest Hemingway. Now, as a widower, I’m on a journey – learning new ways to carry love forward. The truth in life is, we all suffer. All of us. Some people never recover from their struggles to find peace. Some never have the opportunity to recover – some choose […]

  • Begin Again. And Again.

    My friend, life-coach and best-selling author, Sharon Pope wrote a compelling essay worth reading and pondering during these first days of the new year. We are so delighted she found her inspiration for these encouraging words from a Design With Heart greeting card. Wishing you a Happy 2020! – – – BEGIN AGAIN Maybe this […]

  • Best inspirational business quotes to motivate you today

    We designed our “YOU CAN. END OF STORY.” greeting card with the hope that it might be a form of connection – a gentle encouragement – a way to let someone know you stand with them, that they are understood and they are cared for. I recently read an amazing article from the folks at […]

  • “Begin again.”

    At some point in time, all of us will face seemingly insurmountable challenges in life. Lost jobs. Failed marriages. Health issues. I often don’t quite know what to say – maybe because I have faced many of the same challenges in my own life. “Keep your chin up!” “Things will get better!” “Hang in there!” […]

  • Celebrate Diversity!

    It’s an honor for Design With Heart to share a card that is both encouraging and also celebrates diversity and difference. Your support of an LGBT person can make a real difference in way they see themselves and the way they see the world. We invite you to take a look at our full product […]

  • How about a boost of encouragement?

    We designed this greeting card with the hope that it might be a form of connection – a gentle encouragement – a way to let someone know you stand with them, that they are understood and they are cared for and loved. Know someone who could benefit from an encouragement boost? Purchase our “you can” […]

  • Amazing!

    Send a smile to a friend, coworker or loved one with a greeting card that tells them just what you feel – that they are special and amazing! Personally, I need to start passing this card out to our wonderful friends and family who have supported us through my husband’s cancer journey. And I need […]

  • Out of nothing, something

    Out of nothing, something. I will be honest. When Donna Baker and I first started working on the concept of this card, I couldn’t get the Air Supply power ballad “Making Love Out of Nothing at All” out of my head. And you know I love me some Bonnie Tyler. (I’m sorry I mentioned it […]

  • Encouragement Greeting Cards

    It can be difficult to be true to yourself if you have no idea who you are. So often we identify with who we’ve been in the past, holding onto bad memories and assuming they have to define us. Or we think about who we should be – things we want to have, how to […]

  • Power to the Peaceful

    If I’m being honest, the headlines today make me shudder. War. Aggression. Corruption. Families being torn apart. Sometimes it just seems to be too much to take in. Design With Heart is proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with audacious peacemakers. We wanted to create a card that celebrates those who are doing the crucial work of […]

  • Pride Cards

    We’ve got PRIDE, yes we do! We’ve got PRIDE, how about you? At Design With Heart, we think modern love is all about inclusion. It’s about marriage equality. It’s about respecting the idea that families come in all shapes, sizes and colors. It’s about living an authentic life. It’s about believing in the power of LOVE. […]