Design Trend: Marble Everything

We can all agree that marble is nothing new. Ancient Greeks were pretty much fascinated by it, and built majestic structures that stand to this day. The fact that modern graphic designers are bringing marble back is, however, quite fascinating. It’s been around us for centuries, but now we’re starting to see it being used as an inspiring texture in almost every single design field, including fashion design, interior design, print desing and even web design.

Blending a little bit of glam with a little boho, raw gems and rocks such as gilt agate, marble and geodes are popping up in stylish stationery across the globe. At Design With Heart, we’re delighted to be right on trend! Our super chic geometric marble designs are available as notecards, boxed card sets and art prints.

Trending: Gentle Time-Out
According to Interior Design & Lifestyle trend expert, Gudy Herder, the next trend to watch can be thought of in terms of a “Gentle Time Out.”

“With its restrained colours, natural materials and simple forms, the style world of ‘gentle time-out’ creates a retreat, a place to relax. The trend radiates an all-pervasive tranquillity and generates a light and relaxed mood whereby everything is balanced, nothing stands out – everything in this unostentatious and serene trend is in tune. The interaction of color, light and shade calms the senses at the same time as providing new energy. The emphasis in ‘gentle time-out’ is on fine pastel shades: gentle nude, rose quartz and mint form a harmonious series of colours. They go perfectly with natural shades, from ivory, via biscuit, to stone whereby chrome sets a cool accent. The light and restrained colors underscore the elegant and fine materials, as well as the haptic surfaces. Genuine wood, cork, marble and concrete are combined with suede, matt glass and brushed metal to create both haptic and visual stimuli. Besides natural wood or stone graining, the patterns include abstract designs, sequences and geometric nuances.dwh_2016_GeometricMarble2

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