Gay Wedding Congratulations!

Don’t know what to write? Help is at hand. Send your best wishes for the gay couple by choosing any of these congratulation messages for gay wedding.

•  Wishing you a lifetime love and companionship for each other. Congratulations!
•  I am happy for both of you. You deserve each other. Congratulations on your wedding day.
•  You have so many things in common and you go well together. Now you are truly one. Best wishes to both you.
•  You complement each other, I am not surprised when I heard the good news. Happy wedding day and I wish the best of life for both of you.
•  Happy wedding! I am glad you have found your soul mate.
•  Congratulations to my two special men in my life. I only wish you a life full of joy and love together. Happy wedding day!
•  Two beautiful souls in one, sharing one love and life together. Congratulations to you both.
•  The best partners in the world, I love you guys. My full support is with you. Congratulations to a new life together. Happy wedding!
•  You are a perfect match. Congratulations and have a blissful life.
•  May your relationship get brighter now that you are one. Wishing you the best.
•  A wonderful journey just started for the two of you. I only wish the best for both of you. Congratulations!
•  I can see a lot of rainbows sparkling under the sun as you tie the knot on your wedding day. Congratulations!
•  May love and bliss continue as you spend the rest of your married life together. Cheers and congratulations to the two most loving men I have ever known.

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