Little girls with dreams become women with vision

“When a father empowers his daughter it connects them forever, creating two greater beings.” – Joe Paeonesa, Advisor to G(irls)20

When I became a father for the first time, I was somewhat relieved that our first child was a boy. It was what I was used to and comfortable with. I knew my knowledge of what it takes to become a man would serve me well. (Please stop snickering.)

When we adopted our daughter, I was a bit more apprehensive because caring for a girl was an unknown for me. I can laugh now at the “old me” who thought it would be different. Caring for a baby – whether it be a boy or girl – is pretty much the same. I still loved them the same way even if their diaper changes were handled a bit differently. I sang Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Edelweiss” to them at night. I fed them similarly. I carried them in my arms the same way. And I still hug and kiss them goodnight the same.

But raising a daughter in today’s world is simply an awesome responsibility. It is my greatest hope that by speaking truth and love to her, by taking the time to affirm my unconditional love for her, and simply showing belief in her, our daughter will be armed with the empowerment she needs for her future.

As a father, my hope is to empower our daughter. I want to give her the tools that she needs to succeed. I want to encourage her to be strong and smart. I want to teach her to be curious and inquisitive. I hope I know when to step back so she can become an independent women – a woman who makes her own decisions and also learns from them. I want to respect her dreams so she grows to be a woman with vision. Most of all, I hope that if and when when she falls – she knows in her heart that I believe in her as she gets back up again.

Dream big, my daugher. EVERYTHING about you is beautiful!

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