Third Sunday of June


Share a few heartfelt words with the perfect card to celebrate Dad on Father’s Day. If you’re stuck on what to write inside of the card, here are a few suggestions:

•“You’re just great, Dad. Love you!”

•“Thank you for setting such a wonderful example for our family. We love you, Dad!”

•“I’ve always felt so blessed to have a dad like you.”

Sometimes Father’s Day is complicated
Alongside images of barbecue grills and sporting equipment, Father’s Day cards are generously strewn with terms like ”always” and ”the greatest.” If your relationship with your father is complicated, don’t feel obligated to make your message more complimentary or exuberant than you feel. Instead, be warm and sincere in your message. Focus on what’s positive and true between the two of you. Tell him you’re thinking of him. Or simply wish him a great day.

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