Journal Entries tagged - snail mail

  • Congrats to the Grad

    I vividly remember learning to write in cursive. We would practice each letter of the alphabet, one by one, on lined paper with a No. 2 pencil. Line after line. Little arrows showed the strokes needed to make each letter. The thrill of a Q. The curvature of the S. The hairpin twists of the […]

  • staying connected

    One of my favorite things growing up was getting a handwritten card or letter from my grandmother. There was usually a $5 bill tucked inside, along with a newsy note. My own mother is the master of maintaining connections by sending cards and letters. I admire her practice of the long-lost art of card sending. Sometimes it […]

  • what’s the buzz?

    Wave goodbye to the winter blues and welcome – warmly – the arrival of Spring! For a list of nearly 60 retailers and places where you can purchase Design With Heart products, visit For businesses looking to place a wholesale order, please visit our award-winning website at Design With Heart. Or, if you wish to place a retail order, just visit our […]

  • Be Our Valentine?

    Design With Heart is excited to share our Valentine’s Day 2016 Collection with you! Sure a kiss is sweet, but our greetings are (dare we say) sweeter! Over 25 brand new designs – greeting cards, boxed card sets, and wrapping papers.  Love, love, love! For a list of over 50 retailers and places where you can purchase Design With Heart products, visit For […]